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Guangshun is a leading supplier for microwave and millimeter ferrite in China . Main products: high-quality isolators and circulators.
Certified ISO9001-2000.
BL Microwave is a private, high-technology enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of microwave filters and other microwave components. BL Microwave products, in terms of function, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-reject filters; and in terms of structure, LC, cavity, ceramic, waveguide, tubular, helical, and microstrip filters. Other passive products produced include frequency dividers/combiners, duplexers, multiplexers, and equalizers.
Certified ISO9001-2000.
Keenlion Microwave is a technology enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture microwave passive devices, including filter and diplexer series, power divider and directional coupler series, as well as isolator and circulator series.
With many years of experience in the design, testing and development of microwave passive devices, Keenlion Microwave owns a strong group of engineers and experts. We are striving to produce high performance products and provide knight sarvice for every customer. We’re especially good at designing products based on customers' requirements.
Hengdian is a highly technological enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacture and distribution of microwave circuits. Our products cover the frequency range from DC to 40GHz, and are widely used in radar, measurement, communication, electronic warfare, etc. Certified with GJB9001A-2001.
Yulongtong is a professional manufacturer for RF components. Main products: high-quality resistors, attenuators and loads etc.
Certified ISO9001-2000.
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